Friday, October 15, 2010

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Alps… and Mr. X

As I emerged from my steamy bath of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood – Mr. X stepped out of a cloud of steam with the softest most luxurious towel…as he enfolded me in the towel and then his arms – he kissed my neck and told me I smelled delectable – like the scent of his favorite childhood memory. Ah Mr. X, the sense of smell is so important – and sometimes a sense that we take for granted and do not often think about. He smiled at me as he always does, pulling me closer to him – he whispered let me take you to a place where the scent of the air is as fresh as the beginning of time itself.
Dressed in one of my all time favorites. Dentella in white lace I awaited Mr. X’s tp….

The air was crystalline cold, the sky a deep sapphire blue as I gazed upon a primordial deep lake of diamantine clarity surrounded by the Swiss Alps…Mr. X transported me to the fairy tale village of St Moritz…and I was freezing in my white lace…. True to form Mr. X handed me a large box --- he said Sita my love – wearing this you will outshine the northern lights…shaking from the cold I opened the package to find the most beautiful PETA approved fur coat I have ever seen – the blend and balance of furs and leather – soft – warm – sensual was perfection… it seems that CD has outdone himself with this decadent fur coat….sexy and warm. As Mr. X helped me put the coat on….I felt like an alpine queen as I gazed around at this frozen landscape that is alive and majestic – not comparable to anything, not repeated anyplace --- aware of its own ancient place and its own life force – I felt alive and invigorated as Mr. X took my hand and led me to a sleigh…

I wrapped my fur around me as the sleigh climbed the majestic Alps --- their peaks soaring higher and higher, presenting spectacular scenery of textured whites blended with grey and lush forest green….here amidst the awe-inspiring peaks, we found a special place of solitude where we reflected upon the world below and of our love of adventure, glamour and beauty…..

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


Finest black lace is caressing your body. Small shining lights enhance your long and sexy legs. You have the choice of two different skirts, two pair of pants, stockings, a garter and gloves of course. And to bring all on a even higher level two different decorative bows and a most trendy gillet (waistcoat) to combine.

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Friday, March 13, 2009


This is a most daring outfit. Shiny and sexy lingerie to show off... leather leggins or colorful stockings in combination with a grungy flowing skirt. As top we continue with shiny tissue to enhance your body and all that with a leather jacket with a scarf.
Sexy, grungy, fun.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In this very dressy blazer in combination of set of assorted shirts you are elegantly dressed for business. In pants or in a short satin skirt... its your choice.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Celtic Cindy is a very special outfit with tons of possibilities to combine.
Emerald green, sexy and with lots of details like the flexi decoration on the gloves, the cape and the assorted feather boa, as well as a transparent shirt with details, white jeans you don't find hardly on second life...
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Xuxa (only at our Factory Outlet in Croix for only L$ 50 !!!)

An exotic name... Xuxa is brasilean and you pronounce it more or less like Shusha. Sexy right?
Could you find a pair of jeans with lower hips?
...and look at the details !
Determined, Witty, Admirable, Rare, Fascinating
Thats the text on the shirt. Isn't it that we talk about you ?

Fits all sizes

Model : Thong Maximus
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Steffany (only at our Factory Outlet in Croix for only L$ 50 !!!)
(still not on sale, but maybe soon...)

A touch of eroticism for checking out your favorite club, cruising your bike or just strutting your stuff... two different skirts to choose from... double pleasure.... double fun!

Model: Skylei Caproni
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Red Dragon (only at our Factory Outlet in Croix for only L$ 50 !!!)
(not on sale by now, but soon

Gor, Gothic? Well... if you like...or are you looking for a very special outfit with a medeval flair.... don't you think women in the middle ages were sexy..... here is the proof !

Model : Skylei Caproni
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Nina (only at our Factory Outlet in Croix for only L$ 50 !!!)

Look at the corsage… to attach like in the old times… how sexy !

Lace everywhere and the color…well you will float in the sky !

Model : Skylei Caproni
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Nikita (only at our Factory Outlet in Croix for only L$ 50 !!!)

Bra, corsage, panty, garter, glitch pants, two different skirts and a transparent shirt is what you will show off with this outfit. Isn’t it beautiful and wouldn’t you look great in it ?

Model : Skylei Caproni
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